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Content by Charles Sterling

My crazy car project –Chapter III Suspension (not software/work related)

Now that i had the motor in it was time to fix the suspension and brakes and put in an exhaust.

The suspension was the original 25 year old stuff and totally worn out  i decided to start there….


1.  Poly Energizer Bushings from Courtesy Nissan

2. Kept the original 4 lug. Since my  wheels and tires were brand new converting to 5 lug didn’t make a lot of sense.

2. Tockico 5 way adjustable struts- The standard for performance Z’s

3. Coil over struts – this picture also shows my stainless steel brake lines

4. Adjustable A arms

5. ZX Rear Brakes

6. Front/Rear proportioning Valve


Step 1 Start with a performance bushing and coil over kit


Step 2 Off with the old…



Step 3 On with the new…


Step 4. Manufacture some new parts


Step 4 Weld up a new Exhaust