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Exciting news: Keyword-Driven Testing Integration from LogiGear


It is not too often that a sequence of events comes to together in a way that exceeds your craziest expectations.  But, that is exactly what happened back in late October when I decided to pick up the phone and call the general reception phone number at LogiGear about Keyword-driving testing.  Must admit the first phone calls were very strange, imagine something like:

“Hi, my name is Chuck and…

…well I work at Microsoft and…

….i see you build a technology called Keyword-driven Testing and….

….well out customers have been asking for this and…

…is there any chance you have (or could build) a solution for people wanting to use Visual Studio?….”

Luckily for me not only were they patient they were also seemed used to talking to other ADHD inflicted technologists and engineers – so not only did they humor me beyond asking “What charity are you collecting for young man?” they actually put in me in contact with the person in charge of their business development (Vice President in charge of sales Joe Hughes) and their Chief Technology Officer and noted Test luminary Hans Buwalda.   Luckily with both of them also being Technologists the conversations got much easier with half- completed sentences like:

“….So you can run those actions against any system and determine if you need to emit script or code?…Cool!”

“-If you emit a Test Method into a Visual Studio Solution, Team Foundation Server can take care of the reporting and tracking?”

I mentioned how this sequence of events surpassing my expectations; well about a month later I get a call from Jesse at LogiGear asking for a follow up meeting.  Expecting and excited to see how their trip to VISTACON 2010, Vietnam’s first testing conference went I eagerly accepted….

Little did I know I was going to see a prototype of keyword-driven testing in Visual Studio 11!!!!!!


….Fast forward to today if you haven’t seen my post on the ALM Team blog the guys at LogiGear have gone from an (awkard) introduction to demoable prototype in less than 6 months!

Not certain if that is a record in the world of testing tools –but it should be<g>!

Check it out at: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/visualstudioalm/archive/2012/04/18/Announcing-KeywordTesting.aspx