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Code monkey presentation style

A Long time ago I watched a presentation with two presenters (Don Box and Chris Sells?) with Chris on the keyboard in charge of the code/demo and Don in charge of explaining what was happening. I immediately fell in love with the concept and even found out Scott Hanselman coined the phrase “code monkey” for this style presentation.

Unfortunately I didn’t have the patience to train a monkey…nor the travel budget to bring them with me….not one to let anything like money, logistics or common sense intrude on my presentations I decided use untrained Monkeys (Random audience members). As you would expect; this can lead to some hilarious situations and my laptop being returned to me in some interesting states. One of these situations happened at the MVP Summit where my impromptu Monkey hunting bagged me one of my new MVPs ‘Colin Dembovsky’ – who as it turned out had a really good Monkey impersonation!

Included below is a picture he sent me the following day.




PS the presentation must have gone well as I had several of my MVPs state after the fact “Gee I have never seen you present before- you should do more of that for us!”…..