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Content by Charles Sterling

Displaying DSC information with a Standard Horizon Chartplotter

As I indicated in an earlier post my goal is to display DCS information on my CP170 chartplotter.

Well I got it working this weekend and since I couldn’t find much information about this on the web thought I would post what it looks like and how does it work.


  1. Have a friend or back up radio send  a position report or request to an NMSI # of the radio you have your Chartplotter connected with
  2. Receive that message on the radio connected to the chart plotter (see image) image
  3. Automatically your Chartplotter should display the request and ask if you want to see on chart image
  4. Displaying the request gives you three options: goto vessel, go back your previous screen and or view the screen the hailing vessel is at image
  5. The CP170 also creates a Waypoint with the name of the Vessel in the NMSI directory (hard to see as there are couple of on top of each other) image
  6. During this whole time I am also viewing ships on the NX40 using AIS (Still bummed I can not display DSC information on the Simrad!)  Notice the different type of ships appear in different colors!


7.  Selecting one of the ships I see information about it…..