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Where to get the latest news on ALM topics?

One of the areas Jason Zander has been working on is making information more easily found.  To this end I created the Visual Studio ALM Blog –and slowly corralling my team to using it!

Even after all the ALM team is putting their technical content (only) on this team blog – it will still only be a small subset of the ALM information available….So where else should one look for the latest news?

Of course you have Brian and Jason’s blog blog at:

Both of which (plus the various team blogs) will be published to the Visual Studio homepage: 

For external content my favorite is Mickeys “Team System Rocks” at: http://teamsystemrocks.com/ Mickey does a great job of scouring the planet for exciting ALM news.

For a fire hose approach you also have Richard’s ALM feed http://www.accentient.com/community.aspx


Good luck and happy reading!