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Displaying AIS data on a Simrad NX40 using a Standard Horizon Matrix 2150

Working in the computer industry I realize integrating components from disparate vendors can be one of the hardest tasks you can do.

In this case I started with  the seemingly simple task of displaying DSC and AIS data from one the Standard Horizon Matrix AIS receiver to my NX40 Simrad chartplotter.

With AIS and DSC you should be able to see vessels as purple triangles that have AIS transmitters and vessels with DSC and MMSI numbers you have reregister when hovering over them. 

Below is a picture of what this could look like:



In looking at the (excellent) Standard Horizon documentation you would assume all you need to do is change the NMEA speed to 38400 baud on the Matrix which will then send both AIS and DSC Data to the gray wire and connect this to the white FUEL Port of the Simrad NX40.  like the diagram below-BUT THIS Does NOT WORK!!! 

The NX 40 has two input/outputs and the Matrix has three input/outputs:

Matrix 2150
1. NMEA Out/AIS – hardwired to 38.4K   Brown wire
2. NMEA Out/DSC & AIS – switchable 4.8K or 38.4K when set to 38.4K outputs both AIS and DSC information otherwise at 4.8K just sends DSC information.  Gray wire
3. NMEA IN/DSC – switchable 4.8K or 38.4K baud but always the same as the NMEA Out/DSC.  Blue wire 

NX 40
1. NMEA Out –  hardwired to only output 4.8K baud (on the black power port) White wire
2. NMEA In – Hardwired to only receive at 38.4K baud (on the white  fuel port)  -According to Simrad you need the $35 splitter AA010115 to connect to the white Fuel port – turns out you can also use a $26 power cable (I had a spare that I used).  White white


After looking at the documentation a little more, I easily got bidirectional communication working with the NX40 displaying AIS data (but not DSC) and the Matrix receiving  DSC position information from the NX40. I did this using the brown AIS Out wire from the Matrix to the White AIS NMEA in wire on the NX40 . (See Diagram below)   It turns out from both Simrad and Standard Horizon you can not get DSC information from the Matrix back to the NX40 as it must be sent at 38.4K – and when you set this the DSC information is sent to the MATRIX is at the wrong speed (now 38.4K) from the NX40(still at 4800).



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