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Queensland Usergroup double header: Adam Cogan and Joel Pobar (May 12 and May 17th)

Thursday, 12 May.  Adam Cogan from SSW is presenting “Team Foundation Server and SharePoint 2010"

Tuesday 17 May 2011 Joel Pobar, will be delivering “High performance, high throughput .NET stuff he’s been working on with an "unnamed Investment Bank"

Regulars will recall Joel Pobar’s excellent presentations on F#, particularly using it to relate disparate datasets.  His low key, casual style belies the cutting-edge nature of the work he does.  Now that he has had opportunities to put it all into commercial practice, Joel is ready to share his experience.

"From a clock cycle, to the loading and running of a managed .NET assembly over multiple CPU cores: come and have a bit of fun exploring the binary world of CPU caches, bus bandwidth, and instruction sets, abstracting right through to code execution, JIT compilation and managed execution.  We’ll cobble all this together and walk through some high performance, high throughput scenarios borrowed from the finance domain."

About Joel Pobar
Joel describes himself as a .NET nerd and F# evangelical.  Learn more at his blog, callvirt.net/blog.

Date: Tuesday 17 May 2011
Time: 17:30 for 18:00, finishing approx 19:30.
Location: Microsoft Brisbane office, Level 28, 400 George St, Brisbane.  Note our new meeting location; watch our website for details of new entry/security requirements.

All welcome. Bring your colleagues.
Rsvp by email to mike@fitzsimon.com.au will help with planning.

These details are also on our website at www.qmsdnug.org.