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Software Test Training in Redmond April 7th

To celebrate the release of his latest Test book Jeff Levinson is offering a low cost training event April 7th here on campus!

To sweeten the pot every attendee will get a free copy of his book!




Improving Quality, Productivity and Tester Effectiveness

Topics covered include:

Enhancements in SP1 | Automating Test Cases | Writing Unit Tests | Test Case Organization | Visibility across teams

Managing Requirements and Test Cases

Topics covered include:

Breaking Down Requirements | Writing Test Cases | Writing Unit Tests | Automating the Software Build | Executing Manual Tests


Topics covered include:

Filing Actionable Bugs | Reducing the Cost of Reproducing | Verifying Bug Fixes | Eliminating Re-Occurrence

Lunch and Book Signing

Topics covered include:

Food | Book Signing | Networking | Peer Support

Test Cases Automating Test Cases

Topics Covered Include:

Automate Test Cases | Associate Unit Tests with Test Case Work Items | Developer Hand-Off

Managing your Test Environments

Topics covered include:

Build Integration | Automation of Environment Creation | Remote Test Automation | Remote Test Analysis

Quality insight through Reporting

Topics covered include:

Tracking | Velocity | Coverage | Cross Team Visibility | Team Dynamics

Testing in your Organization: Best Practices

Topics covered include:

Best Practices | Case Studies | Anti Patterns | Book signing | More Team Dynamics

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