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ICOM 302 does not send out properly formatted DSC VHF messages

I have not given up on displaying DSC information from my Matrix 2150– despite the fact my Simrad NX40 does not support DSC.   My contingency plan is to use my Standard Horizon CP170 chartplotter to display this information.  I figured since CP170 does supports DSC and is all Standard Horizon wiring it should be a… Read more

Want to give feedback for Visual Studio 11 etc and receive cool gifts?

The Microsoft Visual Studio Design Research Team i.e. the folks that work on the user interface for Visual Studio are doing rounds of usability labs –and would love for you to participate! Specifically they are looking for participants to give us direct feedback on our development tools, languages and libraries!    Opportunities include usability studies of… Read more

Where to get the latest news on ALM topics?

One of the areas Jason Zander has been working on is making information more easily found.  To this end I created the Visual Studio ALM Blog –and slowly corralling my team to using it! Even after all the ALM team is putting their technical content (only) on this team blog – it will still only… Read more

Displaying AIS data on a Simrad NX40 using a Standard Horizon Matrix 2150

Working in the computer industry I realize integrating components from disparate vendors can be one of the hardest tasks you can do. In this case I started with  the seemingly simple task of displaying DSC and AIS data from one the Standard Horizon Matrix AIS receiver to my NX40 Simrad chartplotter. With AIS and DSC… Read more

//BUILD/: What a great conference -celebrating this new era by starting a new ALM Team blog

  Must admit I have a very cool job here at Microsoft…at the most basic level my role is to make sure your experience working with our developer tools is as good of an experience as possible!  …And today my job just got easier!   Hopefully you saw today how Windows 8 will be changing the… Read more

Microsoft Dev Boston meeting on 9/8/2011: “Top 10 Mistakes in Unit Testing”

  In this session Ben Day will review the top 10 ways you can cause unit testing to fail to work for your project. From readability problems and lack of trust to mock object abuse and semi-integration testing — these gotchas can save you lots of time, sweat, and tears on your current and next… Read more

Coded UI testing with Multiple UI Maps MN User group 9/21

Presentation Description: This presentation will be very demo heavy as we walk through how to create a coded UI test with Multiple UI maps. We will touch on some of the simpler techniques, but will be primarily focused on the advantages of multiple UI maps for larger projects. Or projects with multiple QA professionals working… Read more

Queensland Usergroup double header: Adam Cogan and Joel Pobar (May 12 and May 17th)

Thursday, 12 May.  Adam Cogan from SSW is presenting “Team Foundation Server and SharePoint 2010" Tuesday 17 May 2011 Joel Pobar, will be delivering “High performance, high throughput .NET stuff he’s been working on with an "unnamed Investment Bank" Regulars will recall Joel Pobar’s excellent presentations on F#, particularly using it to relate disparate datasets. … Read more

New ALM User Group “SoCal Team System” next meeting March 22

Mike Vincent just pinged me about a new user group he is running in SoCal dedicated to sharing ALM best practices particularly around SCRUM and Agile.  http://www.socalteamsystem.org/ His next meeting is on: The Scrum Product Owner – Big Responsibilities There are three fundamental roles in the Scrum method of agile software development: the Product Owner,… Read more

TFS for VSS Users Event in Sydney April 29th

One of the ALM MVPs, Stephen Godbold, will be doing an event April 29th in Sydney for VSS Users migrating to TFS…Should be a great event! Event Description: Since 2005, Team Foundation Server (TFS) has been providing integrated version control, work management and build capabilities. The release of TFS 2010 builds on the foundations formed… Read more