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Architecture Model Projects from Beta 2 not working in Release Candidate (Fix)

Hope every one is enjoying the Visual Studio 2010 Release candidate! Today somebody mentioned they weren’t able to open the models created in Beta2 in the Release Candidate- turns out we did change the file format! Luckily one of the PMs on the Architect Team, Jens Jacobsen, created a tool for updating the model file… Read more

Visual Studio Release Candidate Now Available

Today 4pm Visual Studio release candidate was released to MSDN Subscribers = Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (For the rest of the world it goes live Wednesday at 12:00pm via Microsoft Downloads) Please let us know what you think! -The two easiest ways to let us know what they think are: · Release Candidate Survey · Visual Studio Connect… Read more

Downloading Visual Studio 2010 and Getting started with ISOs

Note this post has been edited to have people copy the files to their hard drive BEFORE running setup!)   The release candidate of Visual Studio 2010 is only available as iso*…Now for me this isn’t a big deal as ISO’s are the ONLY thing i download when given a choice. ISOs are very versatile… Read more