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Test View Issue: An exception was encountered while constructing the content of this frame

In Visual Studio 2010 Under certain circumstances the you may encounter problems opening the Test View window. (see image below)   Luckily it is easy to fix.  To make it go away, you need to close/reopen Visual Studio. If you don’t want this ever happening again, do the following: 1. Go to the Tools main… Read more

Getting Mediaencoder working with Windows 7 and Windows Vista –and Video capture with Microsoft Test and Lab Manager

A long time back i posted Mediaencoder doesn’t work with Windows Vista for doing screen captures.  On Windows 7 mediaencoder at least is a little more graceful – in that it disables the Video device. (see image below)   When we built Microsoft Test and Lab Manager we built the video collector around Mediaencoder.  So… Read more

Ultimate demo machine for use with virtualization

One challenge working with community at Microsoft is you want to be able to show off the the latest and greatest…unfortunately often times these technologies just don’t work together.  For instance during the Dev10 push we kept leapfrogging with Silverlight…So it was pretty regular i would need to run our current build and our N-1… Read more

Tour of the ALM Features at Code Camp Portland May 22nd

I love Code Camps and the folks in Portland do an awesome job!  In hopes of getting a presentation; I have already submitted my session proposal:   Code Monkey Tour of ALM Features in Visual Studio 2010 In typical code monkey style Chuck will tour the 5 ALM themes for Visual Studio 2010: *Eliminate ‘no… Read more

Going to Code Camp Seattle this weekend (April 17th 18th)

If you are in the area and looking for something to do Seattle Code Camp (http://seattle.codecamp.us) occurs this weekend. This is a free event with hundreds of developers (well over 500 registered) covering a wide variety of technical (non-marketing) sessions over a 2-day weekend. Event location is the cool new Commons Center on the main… Read more

Visual Studio 2010 MSDN Subscriptions installs the trial version? (directions on Activating Visual Studio 2010 Trial)

There have been several posts along the lines of: VISUAL STUDIO 2010 WEB INSTALLER INSTALLS A TRAIL VERSION!!! (This one from AzamSharp) Turns out the web installer is designed to give you the trial edition -and in the defense of the release team the details does say: This Web Installer download will install a Trial… Read more

Getting started with Visual Studio 2010 ALM Features

After a release one of the most commonly pieces of information we receive requests for is simply:  “How do I get started?”.  While we don’t have a ton of new content – yet- we definitely have enough to get you going and keep you busy for a while.  -And While everybody loves a good Easter… Read more

Going to the Visual studio 2010 ultimate loadfest April 8!

Visual studio 2010 ultimate loadfest At this free half-day, invite-only event, you’ll get to join your peers and load the Release Candidate of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate and Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010 on your laptop machine. Application Lifecycle Management specialists (ALM SMEs) will provide you with instructor-led training on installing and configuring… Read more

What happen to the Visual Studio 2008 Express Download Link??

Trolling the customer bugs and noticed this one: “What happen to the Visual Studio 2008 Express Download Link??” ..and thought my answer directly back to the request might be useful for other folks:   Visual Studio 2008 Express is actually comprised of four different downloads/editions. · Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition · Visual C# 2008… Read more

Pursuit 2350 Walk Around (Fishing)

They say the two happiest moments in a man’s life are: When he gets a new boat When he gets rid of his old money pit boat If that is indeed the case then this has been a stand out month for me!  When i moved back to the US i did a lot of… Read more