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Visual Studio 2010 Test Edition Webcast Dec 14th 11am PST

Join Richard Hundhausen and Charles Sterling for a drill-down into the new testing features and capabilities of Visual Studio 2010:

• Defining acceptance criteria

• Managing test cases

• Creating test plans, test suites, and test configurations

• Creating and running a manual test

• Collecting diagnostic (system impact) data during a test run

• Recording a manual test for playback

• Creating automated (code) UI tests

Whether you’ve already adopted the Application Lifecycle Management features of Visual Studio 2010, or have been waiting for the critical “third version” to be released before you commit to trying it, you should attend this webinar, see it firsthand, and get your questions answered.

Visual Studio 2010 and Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) significantly extend the testing support of the 2008 version and bring into existence some new capabilities. First and foremost is the support for manual, user acceptance testing. The new tools will enable additional tester roles to be part of the team and the application lifecycle. These testers will have their own, lightweight WPF-based testing environment that looks nothing like Visual Studio.

The tester benefits from being able to gather diagnostic information when running tests and automatically adding this information to a work item, such as a bug. The tester can collect details of the actions that are performed when running a manual test. These details can be used the next time to playback or fast forward the test to a specific point. This greatly reduces the time required to perform regression testing. Once these recordings are converted to coded UI tests, they can be completely automated and even executed by Team Foundation Build.

In Visual Studio 2010 all testing artifacts are part of your team project. No more random documents on the portal, but rather the plans, suites, configurations, and cases are stored in Team Foundation Server as first class citizens.



Dec 14th 11am PST


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