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Changing the viewport of a listbox in WPF

One of the nice thing about the WPF controls is the ability for them to mimic almost anything….In my case I wanted to recreate an old Winform sample of a NASDAQ sales status board…Which required a grid to draw different colors, show new items being added – but do it with out scrollbars…Turns out the WPF Listbox does all this with no or very little code at all – in most cases just a little mark up.

So how did I do this:


1. Eliminate the Scrollbars:


2. Have the listbox show the last item (to simulate scrolling updates) is one line of code you add after you have added an item:

ListBox1.ScrollIntoView(ListBox1.Items(ListBox1.Items.Count – 1))

3. To change the colors on a item by item basis is also one line of code i.e.

listitem = New ListBoxItem

listitem.Foreground = New SolidColorBrush(Colors.Sienna)


So with the use of MSMQ I was able to write an order simulator pretty quickly!

(The colors are the priority of the message that was sent)