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Content by Charles Sterling

Opening day of Halibut at Westport in the new boat

I must admit i have been pretty jazzed about the May 1st Halibut opener in Westport for a quite a while…New rod holders, rewired the electronics, new lures, checking the weather every 4 hours etc etc

So how did it go?  I think the pictures speak for themselves!


Hang on something is wrong here…Those aren’t halibut!  -and that isn’t my boat!

Despite doing everything right the weather gods just didn’t want to cooperate- and despite the “okay” looking sea the Coast Guard stopped my boat on the entrance Gray Harbor bar and made me return to the docks.  -They had decided with the days forecast nothing under 30” was going over the bar that day…

Sitting at the dock at 6am and looking at a worsening weather forecast (you can only fish halibut in Washington Sunday or Tuesday) I must admit i was pretty sad. 

It was then i noticed a 43 Delta (Pescatore) hadn’t left the dock with the rest of the Halibut fleet and the decky (Colby) was getting gear ready for a trip; running down the dock I asked him if they had room on the boat for one more.   He laughed and indicated they ONLY had FOUR people booked!  I told him to give me 5 minutes and i would grab my Rods and some gear.  Forty minutes later I was back on the Grays Harbor bar.  The whole time thinking the length restriction was a bit unfair but realizing the Coast Guard really didn’t’ have much else they could use (and a general rule Bigger boats would be kept more sea worthy).   That said, in a BIG following sea I would much rather be in my boat than much larger a diesel powered displacement hull as i could ride the back of the swell but they would have a tendency to surf and either slide sideways (and risk rolling or digging in at the bottom).  

In either case as soon as we got to sea three three of the four people on the boat started vomiting and didn’t stop until we got back…Leaving me and a Grandma named “JoAnn” to catch 50 sea bass and 10 lingcod.

We caught our limit of Sea Bass in about 2 hours (man that was fun) and I got the only three legal lingcod -all caught on a Torium 16, a light Trevala jigging stick, 45lb power pro, 40llb Berkley big game leader leader and a 6 oz Jig that I worked like a mad man (need to take a picture of the head of this jig that i just repeatedly bashed into rocks trying to invoke a response bite).  Must admit the more i use that little Torium the more i fall in love!

The boat was back in to the docks by 1pm – much to the relief of my sea sick peers!