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Brisbane User Group: Andrew Coates talks about Cloud Development May 7th

Rapid Development of Cloud Applications with Visual Studio 2010 and Windows Azure

Making your application scale infinitely* isn’t that hard as long as you set out with that goal in mind. Visual Studio makes the development and deployment of massively scalable cloud applications much easier. In this demo-filled session, you will experience the development environment, the deployment cycle and the management interface that make what was formerly a black art accessible to mere mortal developers. * for sufficiently small values of infinity.

Presenter – Andrew Coates

Andrew Coates has been a Developer Evangelist for Microsoft in Australia since January 2004. Before joining Microsoft, Andrew was an independent consultant specialising in database applications using Microsoft technologies including SQL Server, Visual FoxPro and Microsoft Office.

As always, everyone is very welcome to attend our meeting and we would appreciate it if you could RSVP using the following link to assist us in arranging the catering.

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