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Buying a Visual Studio 2010 product key or extending the Visual Studio 2010 Trial Edition

Like me you probably installed the trial edition of Visual Studio 2010 a while back…and are now probably wondering how to activate your installation.  -And if you tried this over the last couple of days you probably noticed we had some challenges with the Product Key/Store website. (These are NOW fixed though)

Visual Studio 2010

To obtain a product key for Visual Studio 2010 you have three choices:

1. Use your MSDN Subscription and use MSDN Key. (see my post Directions on Activating Visual Studio 2010 Trial)

2. Buy a new Product Key.  You can do this at: http://store.microsoft.com/microsoft/Developer/category/610.  To find the link for your specific version of Visual Studio go to >Help>Register Product>Obtain a new Key Online.  (see screenshot below) 


3. Extend your Trial.  You can do this for Ultimate at: https://profile.microsoft.com/RegSysProfileCenter/wizard.aspx?wizid=4f4d82c4-59f6-4ee5-9888-e057a2f7fb54&lcid=1033.


NOTE: After you press the Activate button you will be requested by a UAC window to install StorePID.exe -Accepting this install returns you back to Visual Studio without any indication of success/failure.

-But if you do check you will find you now have another 60 days to trial Visual Studio.