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Visual Studio 2010 MSDN Subscriptions installs the trial version? (directions on Activating Visual Studio 2010 Trial)

There have been several posts along the lines of:


(This one from AzamSharp)

Turns out the web installer is designed to give you the trial edition -and in the defense of the release team the details does say:

This Web Installer download will install a Trial Version of the software that can then be upgraded to Retail, once keys are made available on April 14, 2010.

But i like most people don’t read the details –and lets be honest product description really should have given some indication it was going to install the trial edition. (This is going to be fixed asap) and the key information states:

This product is pre-pidded

In either case do you have to wait until the April 14th to get your product key to activate this trial edition?


Turns out the ISOs ARE pre-pidded – and to retrieve your key from the ISO is easy!

  • Step 1. Mount the iso or burn a disk from the iso.
  • Step 2. Navigate to the \Setup directory of the Visual Studio 2010 disc
  • Step 3. Using Notepad Open the file called: setup.sdb
  • Step 4. Find the section called [Product Key] and viola next line down is your key!…if this section is blank you are looking at trial media


 …Okay Chuck, i have my key now what do i have to do to activate my trial version? 

Well if you run setup from trial media and select “Change or Remove Microsoft Visual Studio 2010”


You will be given the option in the initial dialog to enter a product key: 


Even easier is to rerun setup from pre-pidded media –which gives you the option to activate with out even typing in the product key