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Going to the Visual studio 2010 ultimate loadfest April 8!


Visual studio 2010 ultimate loadfest
At this free half-day, invite-only event, you’ll get to join your peers and load the Release Candidate of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate and Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010 on your laptop machine. Application Lifecycle Management specialists (ALM SMEs) will provide you with instructor-led training on installing and configuring Team Foundation Server, installing Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate plus hands-on training covering both products’ main basic features.


April 8, 2010 7pm to 9pm

Welcome Time: 6:30pm

Microsoft Corporation

Building 25 (Room 2615-Kalaloch)

3940 159th Avenue NE

Redmond, WA 98052

Click here to register

Space is limited. Register today!

Loadfest is a BYOL Event. (Bring your own laptop)

This is an excellent opportunity to load and configure Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010 and Visual Studio Ultimate 2010 code on your own machine and start early evaluation. For complete compatibility requirements, visit: http://www.microsoft.com/visualstudio/en-us/products/2010-editions/ultimate/system-requirements

If you have Visual Studio 2010 Beta2 currently installed on your laptop, it is highly recommended to remove them prior to attending LoadFest. More details here: http://download.microsoft.com/download/A/F/F/AFFE9A0D-E43C-4402-99C1-DD4E0E58AB60/VS2010RCReadme.htm#Uninstalling

Recommended hardware requirements: http://www.microsoft.com/visualstudio/2010/sysreqs

· Computer that has a 1.6GHz or faster processor

· 1024MB RAM

· 3GB of available hard disk space

· 5400 RPM hard disk drive

· DirectX 9-capable video card that runs at 1280 x 1024 or higher display resolution

· DVD-ROM Drive


Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate is the comprehensive suite of application lifecycle management tools for teams to ensure quality results, from design to deployment. Whether you’re creating new solutions or enhancing existing applications, Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate lets you bring your vision to life targeting an increasing number of platforms and technologies—including cloud and parallel computing.

· Elimate ‘no repro’ with IntelliTrace: The new IntelliTrace® feature guarantees developers can always reproduce reported bugs.

· New architecture tools: Architecture Explorer and Architectural Validation can help you understand the architectural intent of a system faster and expose errant interactions.

· Be proactive about Agile project management: Remain productive and react to potential risks before they happen by using project reports that are automatically generated.

Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate also includes Visual Studio Test Professional 2010. Whether eliminating licensing on an alternative testing product or eliminating the cannot repro a bug problem, the new testing tools are a big deal and were designed to enable your developers and testers to work together more effectively. Key benefits are:

· File rich, actionable bugs: Automatically capture extensible and rich diagnostic information like IntelliTrace® logs, indexed videos, and screenshots for each new bug.

· Collaborate effectively: Access user stories and requirements easily through Team Explorer and trace them from birth through release.

· More test coverage: Automate repetitive tasks and discover complex bugs through Exploratory Testing.