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Work Item Query (WIQ) files not opening in Visual Studio 2010 Beta2

Just had one of my friends from the CLR Team(Ashwin Kamath) mention that his WIQ queries were opening in the XML editor in Beta2 of Visual Studio 2010.  (You can see he was looking at the bugs you folks have filed on Http://connect.microsoft.com ).


Unfortunately this is the second time i have seen something like this with Beta2 today…looks like we sent Beta2 out with a couple of the file extensions unmapped.  Luckily it is really easy to fix.

To (Re)associate WIQ Files to Visual Studio 2010 Beta2:

1.  Add your WIQ file to a Visual Studio 2010 project – doesn’t matter which/what type of project.

In this case i just created a new project (File>New Project > Windows Forms Application) and to add a WIQ you can either drag from Windows Explorer or Project>Add Existing Item


2. Right Click on the WIQ file in Solution Explorer and choose “Open With”.  You will see the default is the XML Editor…Sorry about that!


3. Choose the Work Item Query View, click the “Set as Default” button and choose okay.