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Setting up Offline help/Docs in Visual Studio 2010 Beta2


If you were like me you were so excited to install Visual Studio 2010 Beta2 that you didn’t install the documentation initially…


Then when you went back to install the docs, the option in the setup dialog was disabled!



Well never fear you CAN install offline docs after the initial installation –and the default offline help even explains how.  

When you press F1 without the documentation installed you are presented with an HTML page containing the section below(i just added the screen shots):


Installing Offline Content from Media

The name of the file that HLM uses to install content is HelpContentSetup.msha. The MSHA file is an HTML file that identifies help content that can be installed locally.

Use the following instructions to find and install help content from media.

  • Launch Help Library Manager from the "Help" menu in your software application. Click "Help" > "Manage Help settings".


  • After HLM launches, click "Find content on media". 


  • Navigate to the directory that contains the content setup file (HelpContentSetup.msha). (In the Beta2 ISO this is called: \ProductDocumentation


  • Select the file and click "OK". The next window shows the content available on the media, and any content that is already installed.

  • Select the content to install by clicking the "Add" action next to the content title. When you are finished selecting content to install, click the "Update" button at the bottom of the screen.image

  • HLM will install the content and report on its progress.



  • Next time you press F1 in VS2010 you should get the new (and totally cool) help experience like the one below: