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Content by Charles Sterling

Inspiration from Doug Seven (not work related)

Our chief marketing dude Doug Seven inspired me with the building of a playhouse for his daughter…firmly believing  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery i decided to also build my daughter a playhouse.  Unfortunately for my daughter, Natasha, it was raining when i started so rather than building ours outside i decided to repurpose the empty space in our attic. Also unfortunately for Natasha her daddy is cheap -so instead of buying expensive building supplies like well wood i decided use the 1000+ lbs of scrap trim, siding and spare doors the previous owner had left above the garage. ( a different attic attached with a crawl space).   Fortunately for Natasha my wife didn’t want a stairwell anywhere visible inside the house so i took a page from the Narnia stories and built a stairwell into the back of a closest (see pictures).

Must admit for less than a $200 at home depot it turned out pretty cool!  (For instance the paint was $5 a can from the “oops” mixings)