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TeamCompanion for Outlook Releases version 2.2 Oct6

I was talking to Adam Cogan Chief Architect for SSW over the weekend about productivity tools and he mentioned:


"We are very happy we found this tool from Ekobit. In fact we could not use TFS work items, if we did not have TeamCompanion for Outlook. It is the best add-in for TFS, let alone the best TFS add-in for Microsoft Outlook. It is the perfect solution, as it solves many problems, starting with the missing HTML feature (that even TFS 2010 did not solve). It beautifully integrates e-mail and Outlook with Team Foundation Server and that makes TeamCompanion the single best thing you can do to improve your project communication with developers and clients."

In the VSTS MVP circles the Ekobit Dev Lead Ognjen Bajic is known as the “Croatian Coding Machine” …and must admit he surpassed our expectations with this release!

Well done Ognjen!

If you haven’t used Team Companion before this is a great time.

TeamCompanion 2.2 comes with many features that enhance its usability and improve efficiency of work. It automates series of actions, thus saving time and making common tasks easier. With just one click you can create an email from a work item including all work item attachments, send the email and attach it back to the work item. Another example is the search for emails containing work item’s title or ID available directly from the work item form with just one click. Offline support improvements include background logic that continuously monitors if the client is online or offline and acts accordingly. These and other usability enhancements set new standards in integration between Microsoft Outlook and the Team Foundation Server.
TeamCompanion compatibility with Windows® 7 and with the forthcoming Team System 2010 version are the evidence of continuous improvements and commitment to stay the best team companion tool on the market!
Nothing changes in the update policy for existing customers: there is NO update fee.
For those of you who want to evaluate TeamCompanion, enjoy the trial period for 90 days!

Some of the TeamCompanion new features for version 2.2:

  • TeamCompanion is compatible with Windows 7*
  • Better offline support
  • Search e-mails that contain specified Work Item ID and/or title
  • Support for Work Item history in Outlook preview pane
  • More responsive UI due to the asynchronous action execution
  • New conversion formats for Reports
  • Create Work Item from mail usability improvements
  • Sending mail with attachments from Work Item
  • Team System 2010 Beta support
  • Compatibility with Microsoft CRM Outlook Addin
  • … and a lot more available for download now.