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Content by Charles Sterling

Imaginet and Telerik Introduce Free Team Workload Management Tools

i just saw Imaginet built an entire suite of tools for Managing Team Foundation Server …all built on the Telerik WPF Rad Tools (They look amazing!).

Great work to Joel and the rest of the Imaginet team!


TFS Work Item Manager highlights:

  • Work Item grid filtering, grouping, and aggregation
  • Area and Iteration filtering using single and multi select modes
  • Filter query results using a tree of areas or iterations
  • Unique Task board view of work items independent from any process template
  • Print work item cards for the board in your room
  • Iteration schedule
  • Paste clipboard contents into a work item
  • "New Query by example” saves your query for other team members
  • Search the title and description of query results as you type
  • Built with RadControls for WPF

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