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South Sound User Group Moving Source Control from VSS to TFS Sept 10th

September 10th Larry Guger will be delivering Moving Source Control from VSS to TFS for the South Sound User Group…Sounds like I will be visiting Cabelas next month!

Session Abstract:

Team Foundation Server is Microsoft’s premier Application Lifecycle Management platform that includes their newest and most robust source control system.  Team Foundation Server is much more than just source control however the capabilities contained within the source control features are vast compared to Visual Source Safe.  How do you move from VSS to TFS and take advantage of all that TFS has to offer?
This presentation will describe moving from VSS to TFS and demonstrate many of the features available in this new source control system from Microsoft.

Speaker Bio
Larry Guger is the Director of the Microsoft Practice for the local professional services firm Online Business Systems and a Microsoft MVP for Team System.  In these roles Larry gets to play with the latest tools coming out of the Developer Division from Microsoft as well as be the architect on .NET development projects for Online Business Systems’ clients.  Larry also spends a lot of his time thinking about and trying out various agile and lean project methodologies and works on incorporating Visual Studio Team System into those methodologies in a pragmatic and effective manner.
Larry really enjoys working with different client organizations helping them leverage Visual Studio Team System as effectively as possible.  You can follow his blog at http://continuouslyintegrating.blogspot.com/