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Content by Charles Sterling

How to get around Program Compatibility Assistant on Windows Server 2008

Today i needed to install Sharepoint Server 2007 non sp1 on Windows Server 2008 –despite the fact there are known issues. 

Unfortunately we have made Windows smarter so it won’t let you shoot yourself in the foot and when you attempt an install you get the following dialog from Program Compatibility Assistant blocking from doing exactly what i needed to do…



After doing some research i find there is this tool called the Application Compatibility Toolkit which looked like i wanted as it had an entry for Sharepoint 2007 containing the blocked setting –unfortunately no matter what i did the toolkit was read only…(even tried turning UAC off!) in either case in looking at how Program Compatibility Assistant works the answer is much easier than downloading a toolkit and mucking with Windows registry entries. Turns out Windows Program Compatibility works off the image name and meta data about the image (like version information). 

…So all you have to do is rename the sharepoint setup file: Setup.exe to well –anything.exe

Viola you have just enabled yourself to install broken software on your server computer!