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Content by Charles Sterling

Catching Halibut off of Westport

After code camp Portland last weekend (awesome event btw) i went to Westport with long time diving buddy Jesper to learn how to catch a couple of barn doors (any halibut over 50lbs is referred to as a barn door). 

After waking up at 3:30am and spending $235 what did we learn?

  1. We still don’t know how to catch a barn door …while we did catch our limit of 10 fish for the boat none were barn doors
  2. They live a LONG ways from the beach!  – we ended up fishing ~27 miles offshore
  3. While you can catch Halibut on 24 oz Jigs (this is what i was using) you work 4X harder for no appreciable return.
  4. Pulling up 2lbs of lead from 800ft with a fishing rod is A LOT of work
  5. Halibut size doesn’t really equate to their fight or said another way the bigger fish didn’t tend to always fight harder than smaller fish.
  6. Deeper doesn’t equate to bigger fish…our biggest fish was caught in the shallowest water (a mere 600’ feet)
  7. Jesper is 100% better halibut fisherman than me (He caught two fish – i only caught one)
  8. The best fisherman on the boat was the least attentive…”Lucas” a cook from Port Orchard caught three fish –and the largest!  The first fish took the bait while Lucas was getting a donut and the next two while Lucas was in the cabin getting another beer.

Well i can at least add one more “Game Fish” to my fishing Bingo Card

“Catch” ya later