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VSTS User Group Meeting: Architecture and Testing Features of VSTS 2010 for the Developer (June 8th)

This month we have local VSTS expert Shad Timm share some of his VSTS expertise with the session:

Architecture and Testing Features of VSTS 2010 for the Developer

Session description:

In the last couple of months we shown the advanced developers features of Visual Studio 2010, what’s new for Testers in Visual Studio 2010…This month we will cover off the features that integrate the developer in the rest of the development lifecycle.   For instance you inherit a project and you need to seed how the code sequence fits together, or take a look at the dependencies or probably the most useful just how the project hangs together.  The first half of this presentation will show how the new Architecture tools isn’t just for Architects.  The second half of the presentation will then focus on the hand off and integration between your testers and developers.

Shad Timm is a Visual Studio Team System Consultant with Northwest Cadence. He has extensive experience with Team Build and MSBuild, Business Intelligence with Reporting Services, and implementing Software Configuration Management best practices with Visual Studio Team System. He has worked with several organizations to automate their build and deployment process, customize Team Foundation Server to gather specific metrics about their development process, and provide reports to facilitate process improvement. His passion knows no limits when it comes to increasing the effectiveness of Visual Studio Team System in order to provide real business value to an organization.



Date: Monday 6/8/2009

Event: General Meeting

Location: Microsoft Building 40, Steptoe Room #1450

Meeting Leader: Steven Borg

Time:  7:00 PM

Make sure and print out the invitation if you plan on attending: