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80GB Zune and Team System Suite to be raffled off at Code Camp Portland

Just had a visit from Doug Seven and the VSTS marketing team is donating an 80gb Zune and a full version of Team System Suite for the Portland Code Camp!


I also received email from Arnie Rowland, one of the Code Camp organizers and my session time is at 3:00pm. (now to figure out what I am going to present!)

The new session times has Suzan Moran doing her “MVP Program Introduction” at 4:30pm…which means i get to sleep in and shop at Cabelas a little longer.




My session abstract:

Test, Performance and Diagnostic Tools in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010:

The largest enhancements for Visual Studio Team System 2010 is an entire suite of tools specialized for testers. In this all demo session Charles Sterling will walk you through several of these new features including a new tool for Test case management and how it not only simplifies test case management but will help determine if new build should be examined and which test cases should be run for a given build – potentially saving testers huge amounts of time. The presentation will then look at tools for recording and running User Interface Tests and finally how to ease the transition from test to development – and even help developers understand which tests they should be running.