Visual Studio 2010 Beta1 Day Two FAQ

Not a lot of new traffic on the forums today but they are good ones!


Q: Is the checking of contracts in static code analysys implemented in beta 1?

A: Static checking of contracts is available as a DevLabs download here:

Q: Is there some trick to connecting to TFS 2010 over HTTPS?

A: Please see Aaron’s post: For TFS 2010 Beta 1, Resolving TF31001 "The ServicePointManager does not support proxies with the https scheme."

Q: What happened to the Devices and Compact framework?

A: Unfortunately the Mobile Team didn’t make Beta1…Please watch Amit Chopra’s blog for the latest news on this topic

Q: I can not not Download the Visual Studio 2010 SDK- what’s up?

A: We had issues with this all day today but should be live now

Q: Is there a VPC of Visual Studio and or TFS 2010?

A: Unfortunately their isn’t a virtual Image for Visual Studio 2010.   Brian has created a kick butt Webcast on the topic  While shooting the webcast we did discuss releasing a Virtual Image but with our schedules and the processes we have to go through the soonest this could happen is mid July.

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  2. Just been trolling through the forums and it looks like my team mates didn’t leave me much to answer. 

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