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Visual Studio 2010 Beta1 Day One FAQ

I compiled the questions from the forums and internal discussion lists.

Q: Where is the Visual Studio 2010 documentation?

A: With Beta1 the documentation will only be available online.  This can be found at:

Q: Welcome Icons on the Visual Studio 2010 start page don’t go anywhere:

A: They should be live Wednesday May 20th 10AM PST

Q: My TFS default configuration is succeeding with errors and I cannot create Team projects that have (Sharepoint) Websites enabled.

A: You may be hitting the issue outlined in Buck Hodges Blog: TFS 2010 Beta 1: Don’t run initial configuration from the administration console (MMC)

Q: My TFS configuration on Windows Server 2008 R2 is succeeding with errors and I cannot create Team projects that have (Sharepoint) Websites enabled.

In the Team Foundation Server 2010 beta1 the version of WSS we shipped isn’t compatible with R2. Please the Support Teams blog post on the topic: Installing TFS 2010 on Windows Server 2008 R2 RC

Q: How do I connect Visual Studio 2008 to a Team Foundation Server 2010?

A: The default name for a TFS 2010 URL now includes /TFS in the path see the dialog below


Q: How do I connect Test Lab Management to my Team Foundation Server 2008 instance?

A: Unfortunately you cannot connect Test and Lab Management to a Team Foundation Server 2008, Team Foundation Server 2010 both added and changed the Work Item types to enable Test and Lab Management to work.

Q: Can I do branch visualization with Visual Studio 2010 connecting to Team Foundation Server 2008.

A: Unfortunately you cannot do branch Visualization from Visual Studio 2010 connecting to a Team Foundation Server 2008. The branch objects in Team Foundation Server 2010 have been enhanced to enable Branch Visualization.

Q: Is it possible to merge the existing team projects from 2008 to 2010 Beta 1 at a later moment?

A: Including Jason Barile’s answer from the forum: A migration-based upgrade from TFS 2008 to TFS 2010 will only work for the first/default collection on the TFS 2010 server.  So I think your scenario involves a bit more work.  You could.
TFS 2010 introduces Project Collections.  Think of these as logical groupings of related Team Projects.  When you set up a TFS 2010 environment, you must create at least 1 Team Project Collection (TPC) before you can create Team Projects in it. 
Now, the trick in this scenario is that your pilot project will require the creation of a TPC.  When you are ready to upgrade your TFS 2008 server, the upgrade process will create a TPC to hold the upgraded Team Projects.  The trick is that the TPC created by upgrade must be the first TPC on the server, and your pilot project will already occupy that space.
So, what you can do for now is upgrade your TFS 2008 server to TFS 2010 Beta 1.  It’s not ready quite yet, but we’ll have a facility for easily moving team project collections between servers.  Once that’s ready, you’ll be able to move some or all of your upgraded team project collection to your new server.  Or, if your "official" server is running on better hardware, you could just upgrade it in place and then eventually move your pilot TPC back to that server.
Keep in mind, we don’t officially support going live with Beta 1.  I believe that will change with beta 2, but for now, your primary support path would be these forums.