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Free VSTS Training in Seattle May 21st: VSTS FireStarter

In partnership with Jeff Levinson and Steve Borg from Northwest Cadence we will be bringing you a free day of VSTS training based on the best VSTS sessions by the best Presenters from TechEd 2009: VSTS FireStarter

May 21, 2009  8AM– 5:00PM

Microsoft Campus, Bldg. 43 Shasta Room

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Successful Adoption of VSTS
During this session, you will pick up key tips for giving your Team System implementation a better chance of success.

Are your legacy tools no longer meeting your needs? Is VSS too small for your development team or not well suited to your geographically dispersed team? Have you already moved to TFS to scale up from VSS or another legacy version control tool, but feel like there are features that you’re missing? Feel like it should do more? This session will show you how to use Team System to improve the quality of your code, better manage/monitor software development and ease communication between project stakeholders. We’ll highlight the differences with VSS and other version control tools, and demonstrate the migration path.

Branching Strategies
During this session, you will learn the right way to do branching, making life a little bit easier.
Microsoft released a new TFS Branching Guidance paper on Codeplex. What does it cover and how does it apply to you? What doesn’t it cover and how can you solve your problems with other strategies? If you are of the mind that your teams’ problems can be solved with a better branching strategy, this session is for you! This session will address the following common questions: if and when code is being released, if un-tested code is being released, and if multiple developers are taking a branch and causing merge issues.

Regulatory Compliance using VSTS
During this session, you will learn how to use Team System to help you get the auditor off your back.

Some form of regulatory compliance is commonplace, as is the ever-increasing challenge of managing adherence to regulatory standards. While compliance stretches across many parts of an organization, one of the key points is the software development process. Whether it is SOX, HIPPA, or PCI compliance, regulatory standards require your software development process to provide a secure development environment with traceability from one end through the other.
Metrics for Real Process Improvement
During this session, you will learn how to collect the right data so you can hit your software development bulls-eye.
Process improvement without good metrics is like shooting in the dark – it is impossible to aim and difficult to know if you hit your goal. This session will be framed around using a process improvement effort (either formal or informal) to ensure that your Team System implementation is helping you achieve real improvements.

Using Team System to Drive Agile Adoption
During this session, you will see actual results of how Team System has helped drive agile adoption in organizations.
Are you struggling to adopt agile? Is there still a fundamental disconnect behind the desires of the dev team to be agile, and the business who wants “business as usual”? This session will focus on using Team System to act as a change agent for adopting agile. We’ll cover the features of Team System that support agile, how to handle iterations effectively, and how to use the results of prior iterations to effectively scope future iterations. Finally, we’ll specifically address the use of Scrum with Team System, and will share results from an actual implementation to show the gotchas and successes of adopting Agile.