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Content by Charles Sterling

TeamReview 1.0.9 is now available


Two months ago JB walked the Seattle VSTS usergroup through team Review and i must admit it is very cool…in that duration he has been very busy updating it to do things like support for DB projects.  -Definitely a great time to give it a test drive!


New Features

  • A packaged 2010 installer
  • Support for DB Projects
  • More support for Solution Items and projects within Solution folders
  • Form fields are sorted logically
  • The New Code Review Response form is re-sizable
  • The New Code Review Response form will show in the same position and size as last used during that Visual Studio "session"
  • The Code Review Replay form is updated with values when work items are edited and saved.
  • The grid in the Code Review Replay form is sortable
  • A few minor bug fixes

The team has recently grown from 2 to 4 contributors and TeamReview’s first birthday is April 8!

-Hopefully i can get JB to do a quick video of Team Review in action