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Visual Studio Team System 2008 Developer Edition Overview Feb 26th

I just noticed the folks at Notion are running the session “Visual Studio Team System 2008 Developer Edition Overview”

Not certain who is presenting but with as many VSTS MVPs as they have at Notion it is bound to be quite a show!

I have included many of the session details below to register please see: https://www.clicktoattend.com/register.aspx?eventid=131847


Featured Products/Topics: Visual Studio 2008, Visual Studio Team System

Recommended Audiences: Technology Executives, CIO, Solution Architects, Software Developers, Business Decision Maker, Technical Decision Makers, Developers, Architects

Visual Studio Team System 2008 Developer Edition Overview
Microsoft Visual Studio Team System is a collection of integrated development tools that enhance the way software development teams work together. Using Visual Studio Team System, you can increase the collaboration and communication of team members, improve software predictability, and accelerate your development, without sacrificing quality. In this webcast, we will cover the Visual Studio Team System 2008 – Development Edition of Visual Studio. We will show how it can be used by the developer to write better code. Some of the tools that will be covered include static code analysis, unit testing, code coverage, code metrics, and code profiling.
Customer Benefits
o Learn how Visual Studio Team System – Development Edition can be used to write better code
o Learn how Static Code Analysis can help developers find problems with their code
o Learn how Code Metrics can help developers understand complexity in their code
o Learn how Code Profiling can help developers find bottlenecks in their code
o Learn how Unit Testing and Code Coverage can be used to enhance code quality
Target Audience:
o Developers and Development Managers responsible for the software application source code
o Anyone interested in learning more about Visual Studio Team System 2008 – Development Edition

Event Code: 131847


3:00 PM – 4:45 PM

Welcome Time:
2/26/2009 2:55 PM Central Time

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