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New York VSTS User group Feb 24th: Agile Development using VSTS

If you live in New York and interact with Team System make sure and check tomorrow’s VSTS User Group


Description: Scrum is an Agile process framework that allows organizations to continuously direct their project toward early delivery of real business value through the frequent and regular delivery of high quality software. This session will explore how the Scrum process is supported by VSTS with the Scrum Conchango template. The session follows the overall flow of a project to review the implementation of all the key elements of Scrum such as: Product Backlog Items, Sprint Backlog Items, Sprint Backlog Bugs, Scrum queries and the Scrum reports including the Sprint Burndown Chart, the Product Burndown Chart and the Product Backlog Composition reports. Use of the Microsoft Office tools to manage the product backlog and release planning is also covered.

Presenter: Frederic Persoon, Managing Partner – USA for InCycle Software


About NYC VSTS User Group

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