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Tech Days Belgium to Star our very own Test Brainiac Peli de Halleux and VSTS MVP Joel Semeniuk

If you happen to be in Antwerp  March 11 &12 do yourself a favor and check out their Tech Days between Corey Hynes on Virtualization, Joel on VSTS and one of the smartest people i know Peli on Testing it is a show not to be missed!






Metropolis Antwerp
Groenendaallaan 394 – 2030 Antwerp
Tel: +32 3 544 36 00


For those of you not familiar Pex – even if you can not attend the show you should check it out on the R&D site.

Pex is an automated white box testing tool for .NET. Pex systematically tries to cover every reachable branch in a program by monitoring execution traces, and using a constraint solver to produce new test cases with different behavior. Pex can be applied to any existing .NET assembly without any pre-existing test suite. Pex will try to find counterexamples for all assertion statements in the code. Pex can be guided by hand-written parameterized unit tests, which are API usage scenarios with assertions. The result of the analysis is a test suite which can be persisted as unit tests in source code. The generated unit tests integrate with Visual Studio Team Test as well as other test frameworks. By construction, Pex produces small unit test suites with high code and assertion coverage, and reported failures always come with a test case that reproduces the issue. At Microsoft, this technique has proven highly effective in testing even an extremely well-tested component.