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VSTS User Group in Redmond: Code review tools and processes (Feb 9th)

Hopefully you will brave the snow with me to catch the first VSTS User Group for the here in Redmond!


Title: Code review tools and processes for Visual Studio Team System


Join me for a demonstration of out-of-the-box and open source code review tools and processes for Visual Studio Team System. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of each and analyze them for how they provide business value through code reviews.

Speaker: JB Brown


JB Brown is the author of TeamReview an open source code review tool and workflow for Visual Studio Team System. In addition to writing code for the Nordstrom web division JB promotes business practices that use Lean principles and practices in software development through the use of Visual Studio Team System and the Visual Studio extensibility model. For more on JB’s interests visit his blog at http://www.ControlStatements.com or email him at mailto:JB@ControlStatements.com


Date: Monday 2/9/2009

Event: Visual Studio Team System Meeting

Location: Microsoft Building 40, Steptoe Room #1450

Meeting Leader: Steven Borg

Time:  7:00 PM