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Three new TeamSystem Websites

Looking for more information on Visual Studio Team System?

Well there are three great sites for you to check out this Holiday season!

  1. https://channel9.msdn.com/shows/10-4/
  2. http://microsoft.com/visualStudio
  3. http://www.visualstudioteamsystem.com/



10-4 is a new Channel9 series dedicated to the Visual Studio 2010, Visual Studio Team System 2010 and the .Net Framework products…Brian Keller has been working on this one for a while and anything Brian works on is definitely worth checking out!  Speaking of Brian Keller, if you playing with Visual Studio 2010 CTP or thinking about it do yourself a favor and read his post on the activation issues: Visual Studio 2010 CTP VPC: Dealing with Activation Messages

Visual Studio Marketing Site

Some of the most commonly asked questions about Visual Studio Team System is: “how do i buy VSTS” or “Which version of VSTS should i buy?”.  The Developer marketing team has spun up a new site dedicated to answer these type of questions.


 Visual Studio Team System

While this site has been around for a little while I am guessing most people still don’t know about it.  Back in October Constantine created this site dedicated to developing applications with Visual Studio Team System


Of course don’t forget our old standbys for lots of great information about VSTS!


  1. Community Page on the MSDN Team System site (NEW)
  2. TFS Build (Back up and running!)
  3. Visual Studio Gallery
  4. OzTFS 
  5. Facebook: Visual Studio Team System Fans
  6. Team System Rocks
  7. TFS Times
  8. Team System Widgets
  9. Team System Brasil