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MVP in Residence update– day three

Ed has been on campus for three days and i realize it is long overdue that i supply an update as to how it is going.   If you are not familiar with what Ed is here for check out: Why i love working with MVP’s -Ed Blankenship

The week before Ed was to arrive we did a quick phone call and decided he would work on the following three projects:

1. Package and Release the Team Foundation Server Process Template that Microsoft uses internally to he community.

2. Create/gather/package VS2010 Training that user groups across the world could redeliver…it would be then up to me to get these user groups skilled up on this content

3. Get Ed access to a server and builds of the Lab Management software we announced at PDC and walk through scenarios most likely to affect infragistics.


At that point i submitted a work request into our system for getting access to the buildings and  network and waited for him to arrive…

Fast forward to today:

  1. He has the Microsoft Template working on a stock VPC and is 6 pages into the documentation to getting it running – yeah!!!  At this rate we could easily see this getting released in Jan!
  2. He has already gotten the structure of the training pulled together!
  3. He has the lab management software running on a server but the six hours of meetings a day we have been doing shadowing me and getting a grounding in working at Microsoft has really slowed growing through the scenarios.