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Content by Charles Sterling

Team Test Special Interest group November 17 (Redmond Wa)

The next Team Test Special Interest group will take place on Monday November 17 from 3-5:00PM in the Quinault room in Microsoft Building 34 (map). This session promises to be quite exciting as for the first time we will be able to talk publically about lab management, which was just announced as a new offering in Team System 2010 yesterday.   In addition, we are very excited to have Jeff Levinson of Northwest Cadence present some practical tips on making use of metrics to improve software quality.  A description of his presentation is as follows:

Much of process improvement revolves around eliminating inefficiencies in the process. One key way to do this is through the use of test case management. For example, what answer does your developer give you when asked, “How do you know when you’re done coding?” The answer is usually “I don’t” which is not a good answer. This presentation shows how to address issues like this and how to reduce the overall time it takes to handle virtually any development task – and it all revolves around a smart testing process.             


1. Jeff Levinson talk on Practical Process Management

2. Ram Cherala Overview of Lab Management

3. Michael Rigler Overview of Requirement based testing with Camano


Please reply to vsttsig@microsoft.com if you are planning to attend