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Visual Studio Team System 2008 Database Edition GDR September CTP is now available for download

Gert and his team are at it again…this time by shipping complete support for SQL Server 2008!

Way to go guys!


The Visual Studio Team System 2008 Database Edition GDR September CTP is now available for download. This is the last CTP, we started our final descend, we will publish a public RC (release candidate) when it is ready, followed by the RTM release. The upcoming RC (release candidate) will be a "go-live" release. The two remaining areas the team is currently working on is performance and bugs, we are done with all work items.

What is new in CTP17:

  • The SQL Server 2008 support has been completed, all DDL 2008 statements are now supported.
    • The SQL Server 2008 T-SQL parser now understands all new 2008 syntax and statements.
  • Schema Compare and Import Schema supports translation between SQL Server versions. For example can now compare a SQL Server 2005 database project with a SQL 2008 database.
    • The target version defines the object set used to compare. For example when comparing a 2005 source database against a 2000 target database, only the objects applicable to the SQL Server 2000 version are compared, SQL Server 2005 specific objects types like queues, message types etc are ignored as part of the comparison.
  • The Schema Compare "Ignore" options are now also available in Deployment (part of the .sqldeploymemt file)
  • Deployment and Schema Compare "Write Updates" now support wrapping the DDL statements in a transaction.
  • Permissions are now supported and stored/modeled inside the .sqlpermissions file.
  • The sequential data bound generator has been moved in to the product
  • SQLCMD variables can be mapped to MSBuild properties inside the .dbproj file.
  • Methods and properties (class and static) exposed by SQL-CLR user defined data types are now being resolved.
  • The public API for feature extensions: database generators, data distributions, static code analysis rules, refactoring types, refactoring targets and test conditions have been finalized.


CTP17 requires that the following components are installed:

Download location:

You can download CTP17 from the following location:

If you have a previous version of the GDR installed, you will have to first uninstall these before installing the latest CTP17 bits.