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92 Tutorial Video’s on Visual Studio Team System 2008 (Getting Started)

I know with all the noise about the next version of Visual Studio Team System code named Rosario it seems weird to have a post on how to get started on VSTS 2008 – but i have had three requests for this type of information in the last two days.


The first place i would recommend starting is the Hands on labs Brian Randell (MCW Technologies) built into the Public Ready VPC found at:

The next place i would recommend is one of the 47 video Tutorials Notion has created at:

Followed by the VSTS How Do I videos by Richard Hundhausen (Accentient)

Finally don’t forget the VSTS Website and MSDN Library


Team Foundation Server

  1. Automating Nightly Builds with Team Build
  2. Project Metrics Data Warehouse
  3. Understanding VSTS Reports
  4. Using Team Foundation Servers Command Line Tools
  5. Configuring Team Foundation Notifications
  6. Creating Custom Reports in VSTS
  7. Customizing Process Templates
  8. Customizing the Build Process with Team Build
  9. Customizing Work Items
  10. Microsoft Excel Integration
  11. Microsoft Project Integration
  12. MSF Agile Process Template
  13. Navigating the VSTS Project Portal
  14. Using the Team Explorer
  15. Enforcing and Customizing Check-in Policies

Team Foundation Version Control

  1. Intro to Version Control – Branching
  2. Intro to Version Control – Changesets
  3. Intro to Version Control – Checkin Checkout
  4. Intro to Version Control – Diffing
  5. Intro to Version Control – Shelving
  6. Intro to Version Control – Workspaces
  1. Using the System Designer to Create Composable Systems
  2. Binding a Distributed Application to a Logical Datacenter using the Deployment Designer
  3. Designing a Distributed Application using the Application Designer
  4. Designing a Logical Datacenter
  5. Extending the Distributed System Designers using the SDM SDK
  6. Importing IIS Settings into the Distributed System Designers


  1. Profiling ASPNET Applications
  2. Profiling Windows Applications
  3. Static Analysis of Managed Code
  4. Static Analysis of Unmanaged C/C++ Code
  5. Generating and Running a Unit Test
  6. Code Coverage


  1. Command Line Test Execution
  2. Creating and Executing a Manual Test
  3. Creating and Running a Load Test
  4. Creating and Running a Web Test
  5. Managing Test Cases in Visual Studio Team System

Class Designer

  1. Visualizing Code using the Visual Studio 2005 Class Designer
  2. Class Design with the Visual Studio 2005 Class Designer
  3. Using the Visual Studio 2005 Class Designer for Creating Documentation
  4. Refactoring Classes using the Visual Studio 2005 Class Designer