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VB Team falls in love the Seattle User group (again)-and i am on wikipedia!!

I went to the Visual Basic User group this evening knowing it was going to be good one with Beth Massi covering WPF Databinding but was still pleasantly surprised to see several members of the Visual Basic Team in attendance. 

Come to find out the VB User group was struggling for presenters and Beth pulled a rabbit out of the Hat and was able to sign the VB Development team up for presentations for the next 6 months!

So if you live in the Seattle Area and haven’t made it out visual basic user group this is THE time!

I didn’t think the evening could get any better and who should saunter in…Rocky Lhotka! 

Not certain why this .net legend would grace our local user group.   -But it was still pretty cool to sit next to him and bend his ear on the challenges of async data binding in WPF

I knew the evening couldn’t get any better but in looking for my labs on walking through databinding (see below) i found my name on Wikipedia!!

okay it is a TINY reference but I am a geek and that is about the coolest thing ever!


Part 1: Creating XAML Browser Applications with Microsoft® Visual Studio 2008™

Part 2: Creating XAML Browser Applications with Microsoft® Expression Blend™

Part 3: Animations and Media with Microsoft® Expression Blend™