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Seattle User Group Sept 22 -Data Binding in WPF

Good friend and fellow community person Beth Massi is in town this week; doing her stuff with WFP and Databinding – see you there!


Date: Monday 9/22/2008

Event: Visual Basic Meeting

Location: Microsoft Building 40, Steptoe Room #1450

Time:  7:00 PM

Topic: Data Sources and Data Binding in WPF

Speaker: Beth Massi

In this session well go over the major classes and interfaces involved in data binding in WPF clients using a variety of data sources including DataSets, custom object collections, and LINQ queries. Well demonstrate the differences in Winforms and the WPF data binding architectures and how you can design your business entities to work well with any smart client. Well also touch on control formatting, validation, change-tracking and discuss n-tier architecture considerations and data access layers.
Beth Massi is a Program Manager at Microsoft on the Visual Studio Community Team working with the Visual Basic Team producing developer content on MSDN and her blog. As a VB community champion and a long-time member of the Microsoft community she also helps run the East Bay.NET user group and is a frequent speaker at various software development events. Before Microsoft, she was a Senior Architect at a health care software product company and a Microsoft Solutions Architect MVP. Over the last decade she has worked on distributed applications and frameworks, web and Windows-based applications using Microsoft development tools in a variety of businesses.

A printout of the invitation or your email announcement is required for access to meetings in Microsoft buildings.