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MSDN Downloads not working with error “Operation aborted” and opening (lots) of new windows

I just recently upgraded my X61 laptop from Vista 32 bit to dual booting Windows Server 2008 64 bit and Windows Vista 32 bit. 

The primary reason was to take advantage of the 4gb of RAM that came with the laptop.  I must admit i had expected i would be booting into Vista on a pretty regular basis…The truth is after the initial IE/Security education i have never needed to go back to Vista and have found my Vista challenges like my Thinkpad X61 docking station issues have actually gone away.

Today i thought i finally ran into the first Windows Server 2008 problem- when i tried to access MSDN Downloads.  The first thing that happens when i go to the download page is a message box prompts me with “Operation aborted”.  Doesn’t really matter if i click on it or not about every 5 seconds  a new windows is opened with another message box…I ended up killing the IE process after 50 of these windows had been opened.

Turns out the problem is not entirely Windows Server 2008 –but rather IE protected mode and cookie caching.

Deleting the Cookies will enable you to access the page with an ugly orphaned window with the Text “ProtectedModeOff”….at least i can get to MSDN Downloads again!



Windows Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/subscriptions/manage/default.aspx.

Operation aborted