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My Review Commitments

In the last three days I have had three different MVPs express an interest in what my day to day job really looks like as well as one person call out my name in a community blog post musing: “I wonder what their (Microsoft community people) KPIs are”

It just so happens we are just in the middle of the review process where we define this with our managers.   From these comments and my role it makes sense to share my commitments –and to take community feedback. Not certain about other companies but this is very different than my previous role as a marine biologist in the public sector where your commitments are set in stone and you just went through the paces. 


Help drive VSTS business success through a cultural shift toward customer centered product development.  This would be measured from a 10% Increase in Microsoft NSAT of VSTS customers.

1. Support the VSTS website as measured through NSAT and Repeat Visitors

  • · Publish 36 Webcasts and make available to website. (At risk as Brian Keller is concerned with releasing the Dev Sprint videos due to low quality) 
  • · Write and publish one article on a 3rd party website
  • · Write and Publish One article on Website
  • · Maintain fresh content on the Test Edition Website
  • · 20% Increase in number of page views of the currently tracked bloggers
  • · Maintain the bloggers list for the website

2. Beta Delivery Experience (Do we measure sat of Betas?)

  • · Drive Creation of Feedback forums
  • · Drive Publishing of the Walkthrough Content
  • · Assist in the delivery of the CTP/Beta VPC

3. Enable a high fidelity feedback by continuing to offer a healthy Customer Advisory Council. Success metrics being a steady queue of presenters and high attendance.

Create a vibrant self serving community of Influentials and channels of communication with our customers.

1. Influentials

  • · 10% increase in the number of MVPs focusing on Test, Process and P&P (This will take us to the 100 mark!!)
  • · Maintain +/- 8% of current MVP NSAT (We are already at the ceiling for NSAT with a ~160)

2. User Groups    

  • · 100% increase in VSTS recognized Usergroups
  • · Quarterly conference calls with VSTS recognized Usergroups
  • · Regular Cadence of content for this audience
  • 3. Events
  • · Create, execute and deliver ONE VSTS Event.  100+ people
  • · Deliver presentations at 2 major events

So what is next?  I will run these commitments by the VSTS MVPs and the VSTS Community council – soliciting feedback.  Once I have incorporated the feedback from this blog post, the MVPs and the VSTS Community Council, I map my commitments to Jeff’s and enter them into our review tool.


Not called out explicitly in my commitments but things that I will continue to be involved with: 

  • Attention to Details – personal improvement
  • Forums
  • The Connect feedback site
  • Academic
  • CodePlex Projects like TSWAL