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Dallas VSTS User Group: Managing Software Quality

Managing Software Quality – Trent Nix

Code coverage statistics, code churn data, cyclomatic complexity, maintainability indices, and build reports are but a few of the many tools used to analyze the quality of a software project.  But what do they all mean and how can they be used effectively?  Whether you are a one-person shop or a part of a massive application development team, code quality matters and can be improved.  This presentation will focus on how to assess and improve software quality using both software development best practices and the features available in Visual Studio Team System.

This meeting will be held at the Improving Enterprises office (15950 Dallas Parkway Suite 500, Dallas, TX 75248.) Visit our home page for directions and please remember the $2 entry fee. To RSVP, please email me at omar_villarreal@yahoo.com.