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Content by Charles Sterling

A new template for Team Foundation Server: NET Objectives Agile Process Temmplate and an update to the Kanban Template

Net Objectives have just release there Agile Template for the .NET Framework – I was able to to get a preview a couple of months back and it looked really good, in my preview i could see they have done a lot of work onthe sharepoint and documentation as well as capture the flow/state transitions of an agile team- all with the corresponding reports!

There is zip file “NetOjectivesIAD.zip” that contains an installer and a readme file.  The install should be run on your Team Foundation Server. The process template will be delivered to your system in a zip file that you will need to expand.  Please read the readme before you try to upload the process template itself to your server.

While on the topic of Templates i noticed that Eric has updated his Kanban Process Template with two new reports.  Hopefully one of these days i can see either Eric or David Anderson deliver a presentation on Kanban.  -It looks like a great way of visualizing work as it progresses through various stages.  – I wonder if our Team Arch guys are thinking about models for this sort of visualization?