Hyper-V VHD from Virtual PC

I was in the process of installing Windows Server 2008 64 bit to be able to run Hyper V when I realized this is not a requirement.

Turns out you can run Hyper V created VHD’s with Virtual PC as long as you have installed Virtual PC additions installed into your image (in Hyper V it is called Integration Services (IS). - which changes the HAL to ACPI multi-cpu HAL

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  1. Binz says:

    Compatible, good!兼容就好!

    Chinese translation:中文翻译:

    Virtual PC 的虚拟硬盘在Hyper-V中使用

    我是在这一过程中安装Windows Server 2008六四位操作系统,以便能够运行Hyper-V。

    原来你可以运行Hyper-V创造vhd的与Virtual PC ,只要您已经安装了Virtual PC的补充,安装到您的形象(在超v ,这是所谓的整合服务(是) 。

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