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Gert and the Data Team Releases Team System Database Edition GDR July CTP

When i left the office a couple of hours ago the entire Data team was still there…I am betting they are all at the bar now!

Congrats Guys!

From Gert’s Email:

Microsoft® Visual Studio Team System 2008 Database Edition GDR July CTP


Most important changes:

  • Project upgrade is now in place. For those of you who were kind enough to donate their database projects, thank you!
  • Mixed projects are no longer supported, from now on server projects represent only server creatable objects and user objects that need to be deployed to “master”.
  • Another change is that server options will not get deployed; we only validate the settings as pre-requisites for a deployment.
  • As such server options (sp_configure) have been added to the project system.
  • The interpreter now understands temporary tables, table variables and select into column sources.
  • The Static Code Analysis MSBuild task was added XSD Reference user interface support is enable, but it does not yet create XML Schema Collections
  • lots of fixes since CTP14