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Free Hands On Testing Training for Rosario (Redmond)

The next Team Test Special Interest group will take place on Monday July 28th from 3-5:30PM in the Microsoft Building 25 training room (map).  This session will feature a hands on lab of the latest functioning code that our developers have been hard at work developing.  From the time when we first started holding the SIG meetings, you have been asking us for an opportunity to try out Rosario, so the team is excited to provide you with an opportunity to play with the latest builds firsthand and provide feedback on the product in development. 

In addition to the hands on lab, the session will feature a brief presentation from Amir Kolsky from NetObjectives on how Fit can be leveraged within an organization to make Agile Testing possible.   As a coach and trainer in lean and agile software processes, Amir is no newbie to the agile testing world as he is routinely recruited from companies around the world to revamp their development and testing methodologies so that they can better respond to customer demands and produce higher quality software.  Amir is a proponent of “test first development” and feels this it is best practiced when the testing team compliments a development org who practices test driven development by using automated tests specify what will be developed.  The overview of his presentation is as follows:

Testing takes on a new importance in agile development. Automated acceptance test, test-driven development, and other techniques are rising in both importance and practice but while these practices are necessary, finding errors in only half the problem.  Testing must improve the development process so that errors found late in the cycle are avoided in the first place. Errors are often more than bugs in that they represent communication errors, errors in understanding, in addition to functional defects. Amir will seek to explain how these errors can be avoided through an Agile Testing methodology that not only improves software quality but improves the entire software development process of an organization.

The event will follow the following schedule:

1. Amir Kolsky Presentation on Agile Testing

2. Hands on Lab walking through the various Rosario scenarios including:

· Automating portions of Manual Test Cases

· Coded UI Tests (in .net)

· Executing Manual Test Cases

· Test Case Management

3.  Book Giveaway

As the lab can only accommodate so many people, please reply to this message indicating your attendance so that can have an idea of how many computers to set up, how many books to purchase and how many computers to double up.  To get to the lab, after parking in visitor parking, please sign in at building 25 front desk.  I or one of the members from the team will meet you in the lobby and bring you to the lab.